Skippy: Watch effectively

Skippy skips!

It saves your time.

Watch Faster

Skippy literally skips the skippable part of videos and saves your time. It helps you ‘fast cut’ the videos.

Even Deeper

While all the redundancies are being filtered out, information is conveyed even more effectively.

How it Works

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Skippy: watch effectively

What's on Skippy?

Skippy is mainly designed for informative speeches and lectures.

Social Studies

If you want to sound like an educated belletrist,
Nash and Plato are always your men.

Tech & Sci

Take a journey from your brain to the universe.
Let’s be a proud nerd.

Art & Culture

Would a rose by any other color smell as sweet?
Shakespeare might not know, but Warhol would.


Light bulb moments for rationalizers, deflectors,
quitters and procrastinators.